Employment Opportunities

Teachers here are passionate about the subjects they teach, as well as the opportunity they have to influence the lives of our students.
Leo Yoon, Middle & Upper School Head

Middle School Humanities Teacher
The Wilberforce School is expanding and adding to our faculty. We seek a teacher who will facilitate discussion and narration-based classes on literature and teach language arts (writing, revising, speaking, grammar, logical argumentation). In the classroom, this teacher will model a love of words, of story, and of learning in community. During these distinct and formative years in the middle school, we seek teachers who are passionate about the subject but also the opportunity to work with our students at an important time in their lives. This position may also include teaching in another subject area such as history, composition, and possibly Bible/Theology. Additional capacities such as athletic coaching, programming, and the like are helpful.

Middle and Upper School Math and Science Teacher
Wilberforce is expanding and adding to our faculty. Teaching duties for this position would include Math and Science at various levels. Additional capacities such as athletic coaching, programming, are helpful.

Lower School Aide
The Wilberforce School is looking to hire a full-time Lower School aide for the 2020-21 school year. Aide duties include supporting the classroom teacher with lessons and carrying out Lower School oversight, such as recess, lunch, and student arrival/dismissal duties. At our school, being a Lower School aide is often a stepping stone to becoming a successful full-time teacher. Elementary classroom experience is preferred.

Substitute Teacher:
Substitutes may be asked to teach any grade level, for either half or full days. This is a great way for us to get to know you and for you to become familiar with our distinctive culture. Job descriptions will vary, depending on grade level and subject.

Athletic Coaching Positions:
Experience as a player and coach are strong considerations.

Personal Qualities:
-Credible profession of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ
-Godly character (pastoral and other character references may be required)
-Understanding of and agreement with the mission, philosophy, and pedagogy of The Wilberforce School
-Membership or regular attendance at a local church

Responsibilities for Head Coach:
-Positive approach in their interactions with students, parents, officials, and the coaches and players of opposing teams
-Focal point for communication to athletes and their families for each team
-Plan practice and lead teams in all competitions (Practices are held Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays)
-Set daily goals as well as long-term goals
-Arrive 25 minutes before practice and stay until the last player has left

MS Girls Soccer (Fall 2020)
MS Swim (Winter 2020-2021)
US Swim (Winter 2020-2021)
MS Boys Lacrosse (Spring 2021)
MS Girls Lacrosse (Spring 2021)
US Boys Volleyball (Spring 2021)

Please note: We are always in search of exceptional teachers to shepherd our students. Even if there is no specific job that currently matches your background, please feel free to send us your resume with a cover letter.

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General Teacher Job Descriptions

Non-Discrimination Policy

Wilberforce is in compliance with federal, state, and local law in its belief and practice that each individual is entitled to equal employment opportunity. Accordingly, the school conducts its employment practices without regard to race, color, gender, ancestry, national origin, physical disability, mental disability, age, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state, or local discrimination laws. The school’s equal employment opportunity practices extend to recruitment, hiring, selection, compensation, transfer, promotion, training, discipline, and all other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment. All employees are responsible for complying with the School’s equal employment opportunity policy. The school reserves the right to use religion as a bona fide occupational hiring criterion, due to the mission and nature of our school as a faith-based institution, and in full compliance with all laws. The school reserves the right established by New Jersey law to follow the tenets of its religion in establishing employment criteria.