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At Wilberforce, the goal of education is to cultivate adults who are equipped to care for, govern, and build God’s kingdom. For the majority of our students, education at the college level will be an important part of achieving this goal.

Finding a good fit for college, applying, and learning how to fund college is a process. Our school’s role is to provide guidance in this process, and to help inform and prepare students and families in each milestone.

We work closely with students and families to help identify colleges where our students will continue to develop as whole persons – intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Initial counseling meetings serve to help students identify colleges of interest and become familiarized with the application process, while later assisting students to complete the application process.

We provide detailed timelines for applying with key dates and deadlines. We also offer up-to-date materials and resources. Wilberforce also hosts college application and Financial Aid workshops. Students may also attend sessions hosted by college representatives that visit the school.

The first and most important step in the process is to fully engage in the Wilberforce community of learners.

Please click on the links to learn more about the support we offer our students along the way.

Susan Antlitz, College Advisor

College Acceptances:

It's easy to ask for teacher recommendations at Wilberforce. We are truly known by our teachers; we all receive individual attention and care inside and outside of the classroom.
Wilberforce Class 12 Student

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Wilberforce's college guidance program is a comprehensive process that involves meetings, services and resources to successfully apply to college.

CEEB Code: 311-264

College Information Programs

College Preparation Night
An overview of the college search and application process for 8th through 10th graders. Wednesday, April 18, 7:00pm.Click here to RSVP .

Financial Aid Night
A comprehensive look at the financial aid process, including a Q&A session.

11th Grade College Night
An in-depth look at the college application timeline process for junior students and families.

College Application Boot Camp
This gives students a jump start on applying to college. We discuss essay writing strategies, common pitfalls to avoid, and writing workshops. Students will receive individual feedback and assistance and ample time to revise essays.

College Representative Visits

  • Host representatives from several colleges nationwide.
  • Students have the opportunity to meet and interact with the representatives.

College Guidance

  • Provide a timeline for the college process with key due dates, milestones, and specific seasons for various college activities.
  • Introduce books, websites and other resources that help parents and students to discern the best college and to identify important requirements for entry into each college.

Standardized Testing

  • Organize the PSAT during the fall of Sophomore and Junior year. Inform parents and students about the National Merit Scholarship Program.
  • Assure that students have a plan for test prep and follow through with their plan.
  • Advertise PSAT/SAT/ACT/SAT II test dates and registration deadlines.
  • Advise students on which AP tests to take.

Commencement 2018

We have the privilege of hearing from Professor Robert P. George from Princeton University as our 2018 Commencement Speaker.

We look forward to celebrating the Class of 2018 on Sunday, June 3rd, 3:00pm at Princeton Theological Seminary Chapel.

Seniors 2018

Melody Chan, Gordon College

Nathan Dorini, University of Notre Dame

Burke Doud,

Richard Farrell,

Joshua Harrigan, Temple University

Daly Hurst, Eastern University

PoeAn Lu,

Annie Ma, Stony Brook University

Brandon Petit-Homme,

Howe Whitman,

Emily Willett,