private high school

One of the hallmarks of the Upper School is an advanced math and science curriculum that enables students to enter into a two-year calculus, physics, and programming course in their junior and senior years. Students entering our private high school must demonstrate a solid understanding of algebraic principles in order to succeed in this curriculum.

US Math

Grade 9

Geometry, Pre-Calculus A, Intro to Functions

Students study both the mechanics and meaning of more complex algebraic relationships and complete a study of geometry. They also begin to apply function notation. This course prepares interested students for the Math Level I SAT II Subject Test.

Grade 10

Pre-Calculus B & C

This course provides students with a strong understanding of functional relationships in numerical, graphical, and algebraic form. They also study how to develop more complex relationships and how to manipulate these relationships. This course prepares interested students for the Math Level II SAT II Subject Test.

Grade 11


Students develop a conceptual and mechanical understanding of manipulating rates of change. Concurrent studies of MatLab and physics give immediate relevance to this area of study. This course prepares interested students for the AB Calculus Advanced Placement exam.

Grade 12

Advanced Topics in Mathematics
(Multivariable & Vector Calculus & Differential Equations)

Students complete their understanding of aspects of calculus not taught in Grade 11. Studies include introductory linear algebra, more complex differential equations, calculus in non-Cartesian coordinate systems, and introductory multivariable calculus. This course prepares students for the BC Calculus Advanced Placement exam.