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Cultural Engagement

We believe that the call to follow Christ entails a call to engage and transform all areas of culture for the Kingdom of God. Our curriculum is designed to equip and prepare students to serve Christ in this powerful way. Particularly, we have a year-long Christian worldview class that focuses on defining Christian discipleship, building a biblical worldview, and discussing historical examples of Kingdom builders, who served their Lord in a wide range of fields.


We believe that middle school is a natural time for the students take on greater responsibility to serve in the community. Students initiate and lead service projects, both in class and during after school club time. Plans are also forming for a short-term summer missions trip in collaboration with local church groups.


Middle school students can participate in after-school clubs and activities. Clubs vary each trimester, and can be found under the After School section on our website. All club attendees conduct a monthly service project. Clubs provide opportunities for competition, social interaction, skill development, and a fun community.

Middle School Teachers


Our middle school teachers are specialists in their fields; for, during these years, each discipline takes on greater complexity and requires greater skill.

Christian Disciples

Wilberforce teachers are passionate followers of Christ, individuals who have a demonstrated desire to lead young people to know and to love Christ.

Vocational Calling

It takes a particular call and gifting to work with adolescents and to guide and instruct them constructively. Wilberforce teachers are not only gifted at teaching, but they unite a consistent love for youth with outstanding skills, thereby connecting with students during this unique, dynamic season of life.

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