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Middle School is a distinctive time of growth and formation. These are unique years for asking deeper questions, forming identities, and coming into one's own faith, all in the context of a wonderful community of learners.

A Time of Transition

Princeton private school

During these pivotal years, students enhance their study skills as they learn how to strategize in note-taking, engage with literature, and manage their time and homework responsibilities. Students also experience technology in the classroom, equipping them for Upper School level work.


At Wilberforce, we place high expectations on academics for all students. Students are supported in the small classrooms by teachers who provide ongoing support to help students reach their potential. All classes are taught at an honors level; all students engage in forensics and public speaking as preparation for winsomely engaging the world and culture around them. Our curriculum is designed to equip and prepare students to serve Christ in this powerful way. Courses include a year-long Christian worldview class that focuses on defining Christian discipleship, building a biblical worldview, and discussing historical examples of Kingdom builders who served their Lord in a wide range of fields.

Princeton private school

House System

Every Middle and Upper School student is assigned a house, where they are given leadership and team-building opportunities. This house system also helps to foster a community amongst the Middle and Upper School. Learn more about our Houses.

Classical Framework

Middle school students learn to read, write, and speak Latin, providing a rich foundation for understanding languages, and to prepare for the national Latin exam. Students study logic in middle school - including deduction, induction, and argumentation. World history study encompasses ancient to modern times as students read classic and timeless works, such as Homer, Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain. Students also receive training in rhetoric, both written and spoken, close textual reading, and Socratic discussion to prepare for high school challenges.

Becoming a Wolverine

Students can participate in athletics and join specialty clubs such as Debate, Strategic Games, Robotics, and more. Wilberforce also encourages student-led organizations and opportunities.

Our teachers are not only gifted at teaching, but they unite a consistent love for youth with outstanding skills, connecting with students during this unique and dynamic season of life. - Leo Yoon, Middle School Head