Fine Arts

Christian middle school

Class 6

Music I

Middle school students focus on guitar playing, music theory, and the music history. The rudiments of note-reading, note values and rhythm, time signatures, major scales, and key signatures are studied. By the end of the year, students are able to write and perform elementary melodies.

Art I

Art includes a unit on calligraphy, that emphasizes basic pencil techniques and the use of color in illuminated word designs. Students also work on their drawing skill, with an emphasis on proper proportions and shading. They devote other parts of the year studying and practicing portraiture and learning about stained glass.

Class 7

Music II

Students continue their study of guitar, while also extending their prowess in choral music. They dig deeper into music history, relating their learning in Early Modern History. Finally, they extend their understanding of music theory and its outworking in composition.

Art II

Students expand their study of 2D and 3D media that characterized Art 6. They continue to examine and apply the basic elements of art (such as line, color, shape, and texture) and to broaden both their linguistic and experiential knowledge of various artistic techniques and concerns (including perspective, shading, spacing, light and shadow, scale, care of materials). (Read more about our 3D printer here!)

Class 8

Music III

Music continues to build on the foundations laid in Classes Six and Seven. Students continue playing guitar (working at times in ensembles) and expand their understanding of music history. Minor scales, key signatures, triads, and intervals are covered in music theory, and each student writes a two-part composition by the end of the year.


Art expands student drawing techniques. Students learn several new drawing skills techniques with colored pencils, pastels and watercolors. They also explore 3D and photography.