Princeton private school

Class 6

Roman & Medieval History

Class Six World History studies include Ancient Rome, New Testament history, early church history, Islam, the Byzantine Empire, and the Early and High Middle Ages. The curriculum focuses on the years between 700 BC and AD 1350, including the emergence of Christianity in the Roman Empire, the development of modern nation-states from the collapsed Roman Empire, the role of the Church and its institutions in Western Europe, the struggles between the Church and secular authorities and the conflict between Islam and Christian Europe. The course involves reading, lectures, discussions, media analysis, and various hands-on activities.

Class 7

Early Modern World History

Class Seven studies Early Modern World History, from the Renaissance through the French Revolution. Understanding that events do not occur in isolation from one another, the students determine which historical factors have contributed to their present context and could possibly affect the future. Historical geography is also studied, with an emphasis on how physical surroundings influence a civilization’s cultural and political development.

Class 8

Modern World History

Class Eight students study Modern World History, from the French Revolution to the 21st century. Students analyze primary sources in order to understand and evaluate aspects of various civilizations (government, religious, customs, and the arts) and to understand the causes and effects that underlie the progression from one civilization to the next. Students are encouraged and trained to include to discuss carefully and to write thoughtfully in ways that incorporate analysis of important historical facts and details. Throughout each unit of study, students are also challenged to develop more precise and mature thinking.