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Princeton private schoolAt Wilberforce, Middle School students are given many opportunities to engage with technology in ways proven to enhance and deepen their learning. These middle school years are an important time of training students in technological skills while also establishing good habits of study and a real excitement for hands-on science.

Class 6

Class Six students learn the basics of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. This builds a solid foundation for navigating future years of programming.

Princeton private school

Class 7

Class Seven students take Computer Programming I, where they learn the programming language Scratch (an introductory computer program), and use it to create interactive stories, animations, games, and art. Students also continue to use and deepen their skills with Microsoft Office.

Class 8

In Computer Programming II, Class Eight students continue to use the programming language Scratch in new ways while also gaining other programming skills. Students still continue to expand their applications of Microsoft Office programs.

Class 8 students also learn 3D printing, using the program Tinkercad. Students learn the programming skills necessary to design and print their own 3D projects, ranging from chess pieces to working catapults of their own design.

Technology-Oriented February Focus Courses

During the annual February Focus week, Middle School students are given the opportunity to delve deeper into a given area of interest. Many of these special electives highlight cutting-edge technology, such as bioengineering, robotics, 3D printing, and video editing." (And link to the February Focus page.

Princeton private school