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During this special week of joyful discovery, Middle School students take part in unique mini-courses in lieu of regular classes. Students are offered a wide variety of subjects, and at the end of the week share their finished projects with the entire school. This is a highlight of the academic year!

Focus Week Courses:

Miniature Painting

This course will teach students about history through the painting of miniature soldiers. We will be painting realistic soldiers (25mm in scale) as well as learning about the time period, weapons, and tactics of a historical era. Students will discuss and recreate battles of that era using the miniature soldiers.


Students will produce and edit a student-led middle school video. Students will develop basic skills using video editing software to create and edit a short video featuring the Wilberforce Middle School. Students will learn to compile and edit both photos, audio and video clips into a final production.


Calligraphy means “beautiful writing” in Greek. In this course, students will learn to the basic techniques of pointed-pen calligraphy (also known as Copperplate). Students will become familiar with the tools of calligraphy and they will learn to script the full Copperplate alphabet. They will also be introduced to the history of scripts and letter-writing. In addition, students will receive supplies to take home so that they can continue to develop and use their skills beyond the classroom. Knowledge of cursive penmanship recommended.

Solar Power Car & 3D Printing

Students will build and test solar cars while applying electrical and mechanical engineering concepts. Students will race their solar cars with each other at the end of the course. Rules and regulations will be followed according to the Junior Solar Sprint/Hydrogen Fuel Cell (JSS/HFC) Car Competition. Students will make gears and parts using the 3D printer.

Comic Art

This seminar is a chance for students to study the art of Sequential Art, also known as comics. The class will explore the wide variety of comic traditions and give students the chance to create their own story. Students are also welcome to bring in their own work and characters for critique and questions.

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