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Distinctively Christian

  • Daily Bible classes covering the redemption story, Church History, and Christianity in comparison to other worldviews.
  • Weekly chapels with speakers discussing theology from Creeds and Catechism, hymns in their history; singing and worshiping together.
  • Discussion during classes about applying a Christian mind to each academic discipline and about school work as vocation.
  • Service activities: within the school, for our local area, and for the larger world.

Academically Rigorous

  • All classes are taught as honors classes.
  • In Literature and History classes, students read to understand the message and the craft behind both rich texts and significant artifacts.
  • In Mathematics, Science, and Technology, students learn not only the facts, frameworks, and craft of their disciplines but also how to extend this knowledge through experimentation and application.
  • Students explore speaking and writing—exposition, persuasion, and personal narration—and to use their skills in the class and in performance, presentations, and competitions.

In a Classical Framework

  • Students learn to read, write, and speak Latin. Students prepare for the national Latin test.
  • Students study logic for three years—including deduction, induction, argumentation.
  • World history study encompasses ancient to modern times.Students read classic and timeless works (Homer, Shakespeare, Dickens, Twain).
  • Training in rhetoric (both written and spoken), close textual reading, and Socratic discussion prepare students for high school challenges.

Joyful Discovery

  • Consistent experiences with the arts: study of two and three dimensional visual arts, art history, reading and composing music, vocal performance, guitar instruction, drama and speech clubs.
  • Co-curriculars in a variety of fields including textiles, strategic games, forensics, gardening, yearbook, Greek.
  • Athletics that balance character with competition: daily intramurals at recess, physical education and competitions; cross-country, track, and basketball interscholastic teams.
  • Special yearly events: Field day, Reading Rally competition, overnight trips, February Focus (such as building robots, video production, calligraphy, and sculpture)
  • Classroom fun and creation that teach and delight: Trajan columns and Medieval feasts, mock trials and debates, Math Olympiad competitions and pulleys in the hallways.
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