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Teacher Spotlight

E2 Teacher 
10 years at Wilberforce

What is a Wilberforce tradition you love?
A special mini-Wilberforce tradition has been to visit Atrium Senior Living right next door to our campus for many years now with our E2ers. We have recited poems, made crafts, and sung songs for the residents. Usually, we sing a few songs from our patriotic repertoire.

What is a favorite memory you have of Wilberforce? 
One funny memory was an E2 student reaction when a resident started singing along loudly to one of our patriotic songs. The student incredulously exclaimed, "You know this song too?!" It was a sweet moment of realization that these songs cross generations! We've also enjoyed incubating duck eggs the past few springs!

I enjoy…
jogging and hiking and getting outside in the sunshine! I also enjoy reading, cooking, and being Aunt "Cait-kin."

If I weren’t doing this job, I’d be…
I've always wanted to work in an ice cream shop. I suppose there is still time!

I'm energized by… 
serving others and being involved in my church community. I enjoy writing encouraging notes and trying to be mindful of those less thought of.

My favorite way to start my day is...
Coffee is a great way to start the day.

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