Wilberforce's New York Metro Home Stay Program:

The Wilberforce School is providing an opportunity for families committed to the city to continue an education founded in academic excellence and Christian faith and practice. Students from New York City can now come to school Monday morning, stay with a Wilberforce host family during the week, and return home Friday afternoon.

Like you, we know students spend the best hours of their day at school, and those hours are not neutral. Wilberforce is committed to stewarding those hours with both academic rigor and spiritual formation.

5 reasons The Wilberforce School is a compelling choice for families living in New York City:

  1. Excellent Christian education joined with outstanding academics.
  2. Rich curriculum with strong emphasis on fine arts, athletics, music, and drama.
  3. Caring Christian families who provide a 4-night home stay allowing students to be home and active in their youth groups and churches on the weekend.
  4. An affordable program which includes tuition, room, board, and transportation for less than tuition alone in most private schools in New York.
  5. A short trip from New York for parents who want to attend events, games or performances during the week.

Help share this information with families who are interested. For more information about our New York Metro Home Stay Program, contact Jennia Axelson (by email or by phone at 609-454-5320).

Frequently asked questions:

How will my student get to and from school?
The Wilberforce School is located less than 10 minutes from Princeton Junction Station. Monday morning, students can catch an express train from Penn Station to Princeton Junction and will be picked up and taken to school. Students will be transported Friday afternoon after school to Princeton Junction Station where they will take an express train to New York Penn Station. All transportation times will be coordinated through host families. Express trains run regularly, with a travel time of around 60 minutes.

Who will my student stay with?
Host families provide a home away from home for our home stay students. All host families undergo a thorough application process, including criminal background checks, to ensure that students are in a safe and caring environment. Host families provide meals and transportation to school and extracurricular activities as well as providing support for their students' academic success. Host families treat the student as a member of their family, making it a fun and memorable experience.