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Spring Athletics


Middle School

Season: March 6 - May 31
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 3:15 - 4:45pm
Coaches: Scott Kuppe (boys), Chelsea Lugat and Patrice Wright (girls)
Fee: $0 (home-schooled students: $150)

All middle school students may participate. Boys and girls practice and compete separately. Teams compete against area schools. The goal of the program is to develop skills for players of all levels. Beginners are needed and are encouraged to play. Boys are required to provide their own pads, and all students need to provide their own equipment.


Middle School

Season: March 6 - May 31
Practice: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 3:15-4:45pm
Coach: Wayne Hailstone
Fee: $0

All students in Class 6 through Class 8 may participate.
Class 5 students will be allowed to try out. Boys and girls practice together. Students will participate in local and regional track and field competitions.

Upper School

Season: March 6 - May 31

Post-Season: Season will extend until June 10 for Meet of Champions
Practice: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 3:15 - 4:45pm.
Coach: Rebeka Stowe

Boys and girls practice together. Students from Class 9 through Class 12 may participate in local and regional track and field competitions. The track team plans to participate in regional and statewide track meets.

Athletic Calendar


Carpool Info

Carpool Procedure:

  • Parents should arrive by 3:00 for pickup.
  • Parents will park their cars in the lot (they should not wait in the car). Do not be part of the carpool line.
  • After parking, parents will come and pick up their party at the fire hydrant and retrieve their carpool list.

Please note: LOWER SCHOOL STUDENTS MAY NOT BE PULLED FROM CLASS EARLY. Siblings who need to leave with athletic carpool will be ready for 3:05 pickup. If the carpool departure time is prior to 3:05, one car will need to be designated as the LS car that will take all LS siblings to the game. This car will depart at 3:05, once the LS siblings have been dismissed.

Volunteer Hours: If you volunteer to drive children other than your own on the spreadsheet (even if no others join in), you earn one parent volunteer hour. Please record these in ParentWeb.

***Every parent is responsible for making private arrangements for after the game. The carpool documents are for transportation to the game only.***

Parents provide transportation to away-games. The Athletics Department provides shared documents that allow parents to help one another with transporting their children to competitions. On the Upcoming Week in Sports, you will receive a carpool link to the shared document. It cannot be overemphasized how important volunteer drivers are to the school and to the community. They save the school thousands of dollars and allow students to participate in athletics who otherwise would not be able to do so.

Even if you plan on taking your child by yourself and no others, please sign up on the document. There is space to list children being individually transported. We use this document to make sure that all players have been accounted for.

If you are able to drive, sign your name at the top along with your cell phone in case you need to be called. List your own child in your car as well as any other siblings that you are bringing. (This assures that we can get them from the MPR.) There are enough spaces for a minivan under each driver. If you have fewer spaces, type “xxxxx” in the rows that you do not have available. For example, if your car seats five, cross out space 5 and space 6.

To sign your child up with a volunteer driver, simply type them into a slot. By doing so, you are giving your permission for the school to place your child in the car with that driver. This would be comparable to what we do when you make arrangements for another parent to take your child at carpool time.

Coach Information

Dayle Edwards

Front Desk Administrator, US Swim Coach

Jack Farrell

US Boys Basketball Coach

Wayne Hailstone

Middle School Math Teacher, MS Swim Coach, MS Track & Cross Country Coach

Alisa Kuppe

MS Girls Soccer Coach

Scott Kuppe

MS Girls Soccer Coach, MS Boys Lacrosse Coach

Thomas Saylor

MS Boys Soccer Coach, MS Boys Basketball Coach

Rebeka Stowe

US Track & Cross Country Coach

Patrice Wright

Athletics Director, Physical Education Teacher, MS Girls Basketball Coach

Contact the Athletic Department

Patrice Wright, Director of Athletics:

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