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2021 Speakers Series:

Justin Earley: January 20 Book Talk and signing

Justin’s book The Common Rule was published in 2019 and was the winner of Christianity Today 2020 Book Award. Justin’s newest book Habits of the Household: Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Rhythms will be published in November. Justin will talk with us about how to establish a home where parents and children alike practice how to love God and one another.

Katy Faust: Late March (TBD)

Katy Faust is the Washington State leader for Canavox, and a powerful speaker for parents and youth. Katy is also the author of “Them Before Us: Why We Need A Global Children’s Rights Movement”, and the founder of the advocacy group with the same name. Katy speaks with parents and youth around the country about topics of friendship, dating, marriage, and sexuality.