Clubs & Electives

Students at Wilberforce have the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities. These activities foster the development of specialized skills, a balanced curriculum, study habits, and joyful discovery in topics outside of their regular classrooms.

Students can participate in the following clubs:

Young Runners
(Classes 1-5)
Young Runners Club emphasizes teamwork and sportsmanship with short and long distance running. Students enjoy activities, games and races.

Soccer Shots
Soccer Shots (E2-C2) is a high energy, fun introduction to soccer. Curriculum includes character building concepts such as teamwork, sharing and respect. Advanced Soccer Shots (C3-C5) focuses on soccer drills and gain greater soccer skills.

Advantage Tennis
(Classes 1-5)
This group encourages children to learn and compete on courts while developing their tennis skills.

Lacrosse Shots
(Classes 3-5)
Lacrosse Shots is a fun chance for students to learn the fundamentals of lacrosse in a casual and upbeat environment.

Math Club
Students work on fun, engaging, challenging and creative math problems, and compete in math competitions like Math Olympiad.

Explorers Bridge
(E1, E2)
This program is offered Monday - Friday, 12:30-3pm. Students enjoy scholastic activities in a more informal setting. Students also have more time to spend in play and in exploration with their classmates.

Chess Club
(Classes 1-3)
Students develop their abilities in chess and learn chess strategies. Open to beginners through intermediate.

(Classes 1-5)
Melodia is an after-school choir with repertoire from Broadway and popular music canon.

Musical Theatre
Students experience the wonder that is the live stage through singing, dancing, acting, and much more. Musical Theater provides students with get the full range of theatrical, both onstage and backstage.

Grace Notes
(MS, US)
This is an all-female choir! Students sing a variety of genres, including pop and Broadway in acapella and accompanied settings.

Strategic Games
(Classes 3-8)
This club uses board games to help students think critically and look at a bigger picture. Varies games focus on historical simulations (Axis and Allies), economic principles (Settlers of Catan), and general strategy (Chess).


(Classes 1-5)
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Students participate in weekly experiments or activities in a variety of topics, including building computers, computer program writing, visualizing sound waves, and understanding the microscopic world.

Homework Club
(Lower School)
Students may work on daily assignments with supervision and extra assistance from faculty.

Debate Club
(MS, US)
The MS Debate Team is part of The Garden State Debate League. Students learn debate skills in the parliamentary model while researching current events. The US Debate Team participates in the Parliamentary Debate Program (HSPDP), consisting of parliamentary-style debate with three-person teams. Students brainstorm arguments and practice debate skills.

(LS, MS)
Robotics creates a fun environment for tomorrow's innovators to practice imaginative thinking and teamwork. We research real world problems and work together to find a solution. We also design and build a program using LEGO MINDSTORMS.

Art Club

(MS, US)
For students who are interested in a deeper study of the arts. This club will focus on furthering technique in a verity of mediums. Students have the option of creating their own independent study while receiving extra instruction in the medium of their choice.

Knitting Club
(Classes 3-5; MS)
Students hone and develop their motor skills, creativity and focus. Students also serve their community by engaging in projects to knit projects for local hospitals.

Yearbook Club
(Upper School)
Students learn about photography and graphic design. Students are assigned specific events to cover, as well as write, design and photograph as needed.

The Wilberforce School offers a variety of athletics in the fall, winter and spring. Please visit our Athletics page to learn more.

For questions regarding after-school clubs, please contact the After School Coordinator, Tina White.