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Apple Day at Wilberforce

We love to celebrate in Explorers Preschool! We celebrate birthdays, marking 100 days in school, memory stone achievements, holidays, snow days, and a myriad of other “events” so important to a little person who has been on this earth for about five years! That being said, one of our most FAVORITE days to celebrate is Apple Day! Apple Day, you may ask? Why celebrate the lowly apple, one of the least expensive fruits to buy all year long, and the very fruit that (historically) brought down our first parents on this earth?

Apple Day is the very first celebration of the Explorers’ year. It happens within the first few weeks of school, and is a much-anticipated event. Mind you, our Explorers One students don’t really know WHY it is special, but hey, a party is a party!

During Apple Day, we explore literature that guides us through how apples grow and what we can make out of apples (pie, cider, applesauce.) We recite funny poems or songs about an apple’s endearing qualities, such as being crunchy, munchy, colorful and round! Then, we get to the business of exploring. We move through four centers, where we cut into an apple and find a star where the seeds are located and use it to stamp nature bags, taste different kinds of apples, and vote for our favorite variety, perform science experiments with apples (do they sink or float?), and finally, put our apples into an old-fashioned cider press and taste just how good freshly squeezed (by our own little hands) cider is!

You see, here at The Wilberforce School, celebrating an apple is an important event. It is a hands-on way to connect with one of the simplest gifts of nature, and give thanks to God for gifting it to us! We believe in learning through experience, reveling in our senses, and trying out new things and ideas that eventually expand our view of this great, big, wonderful world that God has made!

So, the next time you reach for an apple, take a bite, and enjoy that crunchy goodness, you may want to bow your head in a brief word of thanks to God for this wonderful fruit … and maybe, just maybe, have a little celebration yourself as you remember what it is like to live in wonder of God’s most simple creations. We sure do!

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