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What is the Importance of February Focus Week?
Leo Yoon, Middle & Upper School Head

The week February 12th is February Focus week for Wilberforce Middle School students. It happens to be one of the most anticipated weeks! During these cold wintery months of indoor recess, it is rightly timed to provide a great learning opportunity for our students.

During Focus week, the curriculum will change; we will be offering our students a variety of interdisciplinary mini-courses. For these four days, instead of attending their regular classes, all Middle School students will take part in a course of their choosing. They will choose a course from a variety of subjects, including science, film, humanities, contemporary culture, and fine arts. Focus Week is a great time for the students to study a subject that may not be covered in depth during the school year. The courses are designed to be interactive and engaging. All of the courses will involve mixed grades, 6th-8th.

We believe it is important to expose students to as many subjects and mediums as we can. This exposure helps foster a love of learning and seeking out new areas of discipline and study. These courses could even influence students’ decisions after they complete their high school education and decide on a career path.

Learn more about February Focus courses here.

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