Clubs & Electives

Upper School & Middle School Clubs Extra-Curricular Activities

Debate: In debate students develop skills for public speaking, researching current events, creating persuasive arguments, and working as a team. In addition students will have the opportunity to win some medals along the way.

Musical (Upper School Only): Students experience the wonder that is the live stage through singing, dancing, acting, and much more. Musical Theater provides students with the full range of theatrical experiences both onstage and off.

Art: For students who are interested in a deeper study of the arts. This club will focus on furthering technique in a variety of mediums. Students have the option of creating their own independent study while receiving extra instruction in the medium of their choice.

prep school

Guys and Girls A Capella Groups (Upper School): Guys and girls sing a variety of genres including pop and Broadway in a capella and accompanied settings.

(Upper School)-In yearbook students learn about photography and graphic design. Students are assigned specific events to cover, as well as write, design, and photograph to develop a school yearbook.

Clapham Chronicles Newsletter (Upper School): Student led, edited, illustrated and published news paper.

Middle School Newspaper: student led news publication.

Seminar on Artificial Intelligence: This seminar is led by a parent currently working in the AI field. Students explore how different fields of work are evolving due to AI and how different fields of study are connected to AI.

Arduino Robotics Programming (Middle School): students learn the mechanics of the body and how engineers work to overcome the effects of injury, age, and accidents on limbs and joints. Students design and build working joints and prosthesis and use programmable motors to articulate joints.

Math Counts (Middle School): Math counts is an engaging math program which builds problem solving skills and math confidence. A national program where students compete in the West Windsor NJ regional math competitions.

Creative Writing Club (Middle School): Students work with Dr. Sharri Steen published author of both scientific journals and children’s books to develop creative writing skills and passion. Students create a variety of genres including poetry, short story, and fiction.

Lower School Extra-Curricular Activities

Christian school

Instructor: Ms. Charlotte Chong
Grades: Class One - Class Five
Cost: $153
Day & Time: Thursdays, 3:05-4:35pm
PLEASE NOTE: This club will not meet September 26 for MS/ US Back-to-School-Night

Young Runners Club

Instructor: Mrs. Cathy Mersereau
Grades: Class Four & Class Five
Cost: $170
Day & Time: Tuesdays, 3:05-4:35pm

Soccer Shots
Instructor: Soccer Shots Coaches
Grades: Explorers Two - Class Two
Cost: $170
Day & Time: Wednesdays, 3:05-4:35pm

Art Club
Instructor: Mrs. Nina Fitzgerald
Grades: Class Three - Class Five
Cost: $170 (includes supplies)
Day & Time: Mondays, 3:05-4:35pm