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Audio Books for Summer

Audio Books for Summer
Howe Whitman, Jr.
While you are traveling to and fro this summer, whether on long car rides across country or shorter trips to the pool, consider listening to great books together as a family. Your children might complain at first, but if you give it a try and chose an age-appropriate story or book, they will likely be hooked! This is a phenomenon commonly known as "story grip", and it happens to "kids" of all ages, both young and old. It is a condition to be enjoyed, especially in summer.

Here are a few audio books to consider:

Jim Weiss is a great story teller. Click here to find his recordings, grouped by age level. Keep in mind that for adults, there is no such thing as children's books or adult books, only good books and bad books. That is to say, if it's a good and well-told story, well told, you will be gripped by the story too! On this same website, you'll find the audio version The Story of the World, a great narrative of the history of the world, written by Susan Wise Bauer.
Another great audio book resource is Amazon's Audible.com.

Other great books to consider:

- The original, unabridged Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne. It is quite engaging for all ages.
- Story compilations, such as Great Classic Family Favorites
- Childhood of Famous Americans series
- Little Pilgrim's Progress (adapted from Bunyon's classic)
It can be tricky to ensure that you are listening to the appropriate books level for your child. Some titles, such as Anne of Green Gables, The Swiss Family Robinson, or Treasure Island, have some difficult vocabulary and construction, so be sensitive to the content. If your child has difficulty comprehending the story, try something else. Try small doses of audio books, making sure that the selected books are age-appropriate. Reading together can cultivate a family activity that will be a source of great joy for years to come!