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September 30,2021. Technology in the home - Part 1.

Previously we talked about what technology looks like in the classroom. A related question is what should technology look like in the home? Find out in less than three minutes our thoughts on basic principles on technology in the home. Join us as we consider this....

April 7, 2021. Education as a Partnership not a Transaction.

These days a typical school's approach is like a transaction. You, the parents, drop off your child at the school, and we, the school, will educate them. We're the professionals. We'll take it from here. At Wilberforce we think very differently. We think of education as a partnership with parents, whereby we, the school, assist you in fulfilling your God-given responsibility to educate your own children. That approach looks very different.

January 9, 2021. Technology is a tool, not a teacher.

Watch how Wilberforce addresses technology in school, at all levels, emphasizing our approach that "the student should be the agent of the their own learning." We value technology to allow students to create, organize, present, and produce.

October 8, 2020. Reading Out Loud to Your Children.

What is the activity that is proven to lay the groundwork academically, strengthen your child spiritually, and builds your relationship with your child? Watch how reading plants the seeds in your child's spiritual and academic life that will grow.