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Catering Solutions Lunch

What is Catering Solutions?
Catering Solutions is a meal delivery service that has clients throughout the area, including a number of small-to-medium sized schools. They also cater events and even offer family dinners which can be delivered to a school. CS offers a wide variety of foods from popular cuisines. Food choices run the gamut from soup, sandwiches, salads, pizza, pasta, curries, etc.

How does it work?
Catering Solutions provides each registered family with access to their website. From the website, parents can order meals a week or so in advance. The offerings vary from week to week. Students can order standard items or they can ask for things to be prepared according to preference. For example, there is a standard salad, but students can opt to build their own salads at an additional cost.

Who takes the orders?
Everything is automated. Parents order the meals and pay online with a credit card. The school receives a weekly list of students who will be having lunch delivered each day.

Speaking of cost, how are the prices?
Prices vary. The average cost is about $5.35. The price increases when a customer chooses to add on items. For instance, someone could request shrimp with their tossed salad at an additional cost.

What are the sizes like?
There are small, medium, and large-sized meals. In the case of a soup and sandwich lunch, a small comes with 1/2 sandwich, medium comes with a whole sandwich, large includes 1 1/2 sandwiches along with the soup. All meals include some form of fruit and a vegetable.

How is the food packed?
Each meal is individually packed and is labeled with the student's name and grade. Food is delivered in insulated bags, one for hot, one for cold.

Are there options for special diets?
Yes. First, all food is prepared in a nut-free kitchen. Families may request organic, gluten free, and/or vegetarian options.

Is there a minimum number of orders that have to be received by CS?
No. Unlike Smart Lunches, CS has no minimum. They have business with other schools and offices in this area, so they're willing to make even small deliveries here as well.

What are some concerns we might have about working with Catering Solutions?
We would find ourselves in the business of serving lunch every day. Depending on the popularity of this service, we would be responsible for receiving and sorting lunch for any number of students, school-wide.