Student Tutors

Listed below are Wilberforce Upper School students who are offering tutoring services to interested families. Tutors are operating independently. Please contact each individual for service fees, location, time, date, etc.

Janoah Darrow - rising junior

Subjects: Math, Composition, and Latin
Tutoring: students 6th through 9th grade
Availability: June 8- September 4th, possibly in the fall 2020

Janoah Darrow is a rising junior, who has attended the Wilberforce School for the past twelve years. Having previous experience, she is offering tutoring for Math, Composition, and Latin. At the Arete Chapel, she has received the Academic Excellence Award in all three areas, which recognizes her mastery of these subjects. Additionally, she has earned the Summa Cum Laude certificate and medal in Latin multiple times from The American Classical League.

Lydia Sallade - rising senior

Subjects: Literature, History, Composition, Math, science and 6th/7th Latin
Tutoring: available to tutor all ages, Lower-High school
Availability: all summer

Lydia Sallade is a Senior, and has attended the Wilberforce School for the last 11 years. She has excellence awards in Humane Letters, Theology, Language, Performance Arts, and Visual Arts. Lydia can tutor all Middle School students in Literature, History, Composition, Math, and Science. She can also tutor Upper School Students in all Humanities.

Caryn Hong - rising senior

Subjects: Math and Language Arts
Tutoring: students entering 2nd - 8th grade
Availability: willing to tutor year round

Caryn Hong is a rising senior at Wilberforce. She has been here since her sophomore year. Caryn has excelled in both math and language arts here at Wilberforce and loves tutoring others to love the subjects too.

Gavin White - rising senior

Subjects: Math
Tutoring: rising 1st - 12th grade
Availability: willing to tutor year round

Gavin White is a Senior who has previously tutored math to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for the past two years. He assist students improving math skills learned in class and answer any questions they may have on the topics set before them. He will be using an iPad as a whiteboard (through screen sharing) to best coach students with their work.

Katie Baldwin - Wilberforce Alumni Class of 2020

Subjects: Math, Physics, Writing/Grammar, open to consider others
Tutoring: rising 3rd-12th grade
Availability: all summer

Katie Baldwin will be a freshman at Princeton University this fall. At Wilberforce, she has received Excellence awards in Math, Humane Letters, Sciences, Theology, and Language. She also qualified as a National Merit Finalist this past year. She has much experience helping classmates with assignments during high school. She loves math and grammar and explaining them to others!

Mrs. Danielle Sallade - Middle School teacher

Subjects: Math, Latin, Reading/Writing
Tutoring: Any student
Availability: all summer