Needs & Opportunities

Wilberforce is a unique school, with a unique mission, in a unique place. We exist to integrate vigorous, joyful learning with orthodox, biblical Christian formation. We are one of only a handful of JK-12 classical Christian schools operating in the Northeast.

It is our prayer that that the entire Wilberforce community will join us in recognizing both the value of this unique school in this unique place, and the need to continue to invest in the school.

“What do you need?”

Below are specific needs and opportunities to give to Wilberforce.

Enrollment Gap
Enrollment is growing, but until we reach full enrollment, we have a "gap" between tuition and actual cost to educate. 2018-2019 Goal: $1,250,000

Need-Based Scholarships
Over one third of our students receive need-based financial aid. From the beginning we have been committed to having our school reflect the diversity of the Body of Christ that is found in our area. Need-based financial aid allows students from all economic and social backgrounds to attend Wilberforce. At the same time, students receiving financial aid provide 40% of our tuition revenue.
Average Aid Needed: $11,500 per student

Music and Arts
Musical, choir, visual arts, drama, acapella singing groups, chamber orchestras- our small school performs at a high level in the arts, with very few resources. We continue to seek to grow the funding for our arts initiatives.

Our cross country team has steadily marched up the rankings from 11th, to 6th to 4th in the state competition. We have proven that a small school can do big things in athletics. We have cross country, soccer, basketball, swimming, track, lacrosse and volleyball. We continue to seek the resources to compete well.

School Bus
We are in need of transportation to and from school, for athletic events, debate tournaments, and field trips, and other school activities. Estimated Cost: $25,000

75 Mapleton Needs

We are still on track to move to 75 Mapleton Road next summer (2019).
Here are some of our needs to complete the move:
Read more about 75 Mapleton here

Base Renovation Work- additional funding: $400,000

Moving Costs: $30,000

Furniture and Fixtures: $100,000

Security and Communications: $75,000

Science Lab Equipment: $100,000

Playground: $25,000

Gym Basement Renovation
Estimated cost for bathroom upgrades and workout facility: $250,000

Soccer Field Renovation
Estimated cost of complete redesign and regrade of the soccer field: $500,000