Needs & Opportunities

Wilberforce is a unique school, with a unique mission, in a unique place. We exist to integrate vigorous, joyful learning with orthodox, biblical Christian formation. We are one of only a handful of JK-12 classical Christian schools operating in the Northeast.

It is our prayer that that the entire Wilberforce community will join us in recognizing both the value of this unique school in this unique place, and the need to continue to invest in the school.

“What do you need?”

Below are specific needs and opportunities to give to Wilberforce.

Need-Based Scholarships

Funding need-based scholarships is a significant priority for our school. These scholarships make Wilberforce accessible to students who otherwise would not be able to attend. Consider how you will help support these funds: Average Scholarship: $11,500
Total Needed: $925,000

Karen Ristuccia Need-Based Scholarship Fund:
Dr. Karen Ristuccia is an integral part of our school.
She has taught hundreds of students how to write, to understand the Old Testament, and to learn. She has taught our faculty how to teach, to mentor, and to
care for our students.
To honor her great love for students over so many
years, we are launching the Karen Ristuccia Need-Based Scholarship Fund so that more students can benefit from this unique school that she has played such a significant role in establishing.

Military Need-Based Scholarship Fund:
The military scholarship is designated for families who are accepted through the regular admissions process and have one family member in military service, active reserves, is a veteran or a first responder.

General Need-Based Scholarship Fund:
40% of our students qualify for need-based scholarships to cover part of their tuition. These families are vital to the financial vitality of our school, as well as the breadth of our impact.

75 Mapleton

Our long term growth goal is to have two sections of each grade. To accommodate this growth we will expand into the ground and fourth floor of our building by 2022.
Total Need: $350,000

75 Mapleton Registry
Shop our registry and purchase new and remaining items for our classrooms, athletics, or performing arts.

Music, Arts, & Athletics

Renovate the gym basement to create locker rooms, fitness center, and backstage for theatre productions.
Total Needed: $350,000

Music & Arts
Musical, choir, visual arts, drama, a capella singing groups, chamber orchestras- our small school performs at a high level in the arts, with very few resources. We continue to seek to grow the funding for our arts initiatives.
Total Needed: $50,000

School Bus
We are in need of transportation to and from school, for athletic events, debate tournaments, and field trips, and other school activities. Estimated Cost: $25,000