Our Future Home

Unless the LORD builds the house,
those who build it labor in vain.
Psalm 127:1

We are thrilled to announce the news of our new school location starting in the fall of 2019:

Wilberforce will enter into a long-term lease starting in the fall of 2019 for 20 years (with options to extend up to 50 years). This is a great answer to our prayers for a long-term home for our school that will accommodate our growing student body.

75 Mapleton History

This beautiful campus was built in 1914 as St. Joseph's Seminary, commissioned and operated by Vincetian Fathers. Around 2010, the campus was converted to become the home for several day schools. Wilberforce rented part of the property from the fall of 2011 till spring of 2014. We will occupy three floors within the main building campus to accommodate our current and growing student population.


Why are we moving?

We have been seeking a permanent location for Wilberforce for many years. The 75 Mapleton beautiful campus provides the space our school needs for decades to come. (We have a 20 year lease that may be extended up to 50 years).

When are we moving?

In the summer of 2019, when our lease at 99 Clarksville Road ends.

What sports will we have at 75 Mapleton?

We plan to have the same sports that we have at our current campus. There is a basketball gym and a field for soccer and lacrosse as well as practice fields. We are working on securing a nearby pool for swimming, as well as a Wilberforce bus to transport our teams.

How much work needs to be done to prepare the building for our school?

Our building needs to be brought up to date with current building codes and configured for our classroom requirements. We are already underway with an architect and contractors for the renovation.

Can we have a tour inside the new building?

Not yet. Not until construction is complete.

Will the school need to increase tuition more than usual because of this new property?

No. In fact, we have a lower cost per square foot at this new location, which helps us to keep our operating costs at more sustainable levels.

What are Wilberforce’s growth plans?

Our intermediate goal is to have two sections of each grade from 6-12 which would increase enrollment to 325; our long-term goal is to have two sections of all grades, JK-12, increasing enrollment to 425.

How are we going to pay for the renovation?

  • The capital needed for the base renovation has all been provided by the donations of parents, grandparents and friends!
  • Please join us in giving thanks to God who has prompted so many to give so generously to help us secure a long-term home.
  • We will have needs that are not yet covered: renovations to the gym basement, reconditioning the soccer field, moving costs, furniture, science lab equipment, and the like. We will be posting a “moving registry” so that people can help us purchase these items we need.

Will drop-off and pick-up hours change?

We plan to have care until 6:00pm to accommodate families driving from further away, and we are open to having earlier drop-off times if needed. Please let us know if this would be helpful to you.

Is it possible to have a bus service?

  • It is likely that Princeton will provide a bus. (We had a bus at 75 Mapleton before, with fewer students.) Other townships may provide a bus as well. We will know more during the summer of our move.
  • We would like to buy a Wilberforce Bus, both for athletics and for morning and afternoon transportation.
  • We have arranged busing in the past - we need 12-15 students in the same area to make it work. Please let us know if you are interested and your town of residence.

Will Lower, Middle, and Upper School be in the same building?

We will have a 45,000 square foot building with four floors at the new campus (compared to 21,000 square feet at 99 Clarksville Road). The Lower School will be on the first floor, Middle School on the second floor and Upper School primarily on the third floor. The ground floor is for future expansion.

What are the plans for the gym space?

With Wilberforce's six basketball teams (Middle school, JV, and Varsity for boys and girls), we will need more gym space than 75 Mapleton currently has. We are looking at nearby gyms and pools for our programs.

Where will the students play outside on the property?

“The Great Lawn” on the Mapleton Road side of the property has vast spaces for the students to play. In addition, for our younger students, we have access to the fenced play area, and we have plans to build another one closer to our building.

How can parents help in the transition?

  • Pray for the school in the planning and construction decisions.
  • Continue to channel any questions to Dayle Edwards at the front desk.
  • Support admissions and make referrals to grow the school.
  • Remember the school with donations.
  • Help transport children of parents who can’t get their kids to the school.

Are there any new, exciting spaces planned for the new school?

There will be two multi-purpose rooms. Both rooms are gorgeous with large bay windows and wood floors. We are planning for a beautiful art room and science lab rooms. The third floor has special spaces with dormer windows and gathering areas. Occupying more floors allows us to dedicate whole spaces for separate Middle and Upper School uses. Unlike 99 Clarksville, Middle-Upper School students will have their own lunch room.

What will happen with lunch? Any possibility of a cafeteria or vending machine?

There are cafeteria spaces on-site, which we are exploring. We will continue to work with vendors to deliver lunches. The main issue is affordability. Please let us know your preferences and your budget to help us with planning.