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February is Lower School Reading Rally month at The Wilberforce School. During Reading Rally, we challenge ourselves to read more than usual, to meet new authors, and to discover different genres. This year, we encourage students to explore both fiction and non-fiction books, particularly about cultures that are not their own. By the end of the month, each student seeks to meet an impressive reading goal.

Another goal of Reading Rally is to ask family and friends to sponsor our students. As students pledge to meet reading goals, sponsors pledge to donate money to our school. As you consider supporting the reading efforts of our students, know that you are investing in classrooms that reflect our love for learning, love for literature, and love for students. Through Reading Rally 2019-2020, we raised $2,025, which went toward the purchase of books for classroom libraries. This year, The Wilberforce School is growing and expanding! We will be building new classrooms on the ground floor. By giving, you would be helping to furnish new classroom libraries and to stock shelves with rich literature.

Thank you for your support!

The best way to give, in order to avoid processing fees, is cash or check. If sending a check, please mail by Friday, March 26.

Teachers dressed up as book characters.
Photo of Lower School students holding books for Reading Rally.
Two girls showing books.
Group of LS students in character costumes.
Wilberforce Library with table and ladder
Mrs. Greco reading to LS students on the front steps.