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Distinctively Christian Education

Christian school

At The Wilberforce School, our understanding of God as Creator and of His saving purposes in Jesus Christ undergirds all of our teaching and conduct. In providing a truly Christian education in NJ, we seek to nurture students who have a genuine love of learning, who are equipped to live as vibrant Christians, and who can articulate and defend the Christian message with clarity, creativity, and conviction.

We believe a Christian education should emphasize the following:

Honoring the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all things. Acknowledging that all truth, all beauty - everything in all creation – was created by Him, reflects Him, is sustained by Him, and exists for Him.

Teaching from a rich curriculum that communicates and is held together by an orthodox, biblical view of the world.

Applying biblical truth to all of life so that the heart and mind of a student, quickened by the Holy Spirit, might know, love, and obey God.

Doing everything with vigor and industry, as an act of worship to our God, with all our heart, mind, and strength.

Christian school