Upper School Curriculum

The educational method of the Wilberforce Upper School is designed to encourage the active involvement of the student in the learning process. Rather than receiving knowledge passively, each student must actively apprehend concepts and relationships. This education, therefore, is both disciplined and demanding; it is, moreover, effective in unlocking the potential of each student.

Curriculum by Grade:

Grade 9

Math: Geometry, Pre-Calculus A, Intro to Functions, Probability & Statistics

Science: Biology

Humane Letters: American History & Literature

Foreign Language: Classical Roots to the English Language, Advanced Latin II

Theology: History & Creeds of the Church

Fine Arts: Studio Art I & Choral Music

Grade 10

Math: Pre-Calculus B & C

Science: Chemistry

Humane Letters: European History and Literature

Foreign Language: Spanish I or Mandarin I

Theology: Old Testament

Fine Arts: Art History I and Choral Music II

Grade 11

Math: Calculus

Science & Technology: MATLAB and Physics I

Humane Letters: Ancient and Early Church Studies

Foreign Language: Spanish II or Mandarin II

Theology: New Testament

Fine Arts: Art History II and Theatre

Grade 12

Math: Multivariable Calculus

Science & Technology: MATLAB and Physics II

Humane Letters: Western Politics and Philosophy

Foreign Language: Spanish III or Mandarin III

Theology: Apologetics

Fine Arts: Studio Art II and Theatre

Christian high school

It's about learning for the sake of learning and improving, rather than learning in order to achieve a specific score on a test." - Grade 9 Student

Curriculum by Subject: