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Athletics is an important part of each student’s development, regardless of the individual’s skill level. We believe our athletic program creates balance and helps to produce physically and mentally healthy young adults.

Our Goals:

  • The camaraderie, cooperation, and joy of being a part of a team
  • Physical training, mental discipline, and spiritual mentoring
  • Fair play, honorable victory, gracious defeat, and respect for opponents
  • Learning to set goals and compete for championships

Our Program:

Athletics teams meet four days each week, with additional Saturday competitions. Tuesdays are devoted to clubs, so that our athletes can explore other interests in addition to athletics. Athletics involves learning the rules and techniques of a game and the fundamentals of physical fitness, experiencing team camaraderie, representing a school in a public competition, fulfilling a goal for the team, and the self-control of being gracious in both victory and defeat. In light of our mission, athletics also offers an opportunity to glorify God through competition, relationships, and our Christian witness to other schools and teams.

Meet our Athletic Department

Dayle Edwards

Titles: Front Desk Administrator, US Swim Coach

Jack Farrell

Titles: US Boys Basketball Assistant Coach

Wayne Hailstone

Titles: Middle School Math Teacher, MS Swim Coach, MS Track & Cross Country Coach

Alisa Kuppe

Titles: MS Girls Soccer Coach

Scott Kuppe

Titles: MS Girls Soccer Coach, MS Boys Lacrosse Coach

Mike Lippincott

Titles: US Boys Basketball Coach

Thomas Saylor

Titles: MS Boys Soccer Coach, MS Boys Basketball Coach

Rebeka Stowe

Titles: US Track & Cross Country Coach

Patrice Wright

Titles: Athletics Director, Physical Education Teacher, MS Girls Basketball Coach

Athletic Calendar

The Wilberforce School, 99 Clarksville Rd, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550, USA
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The Wilberforce School, 99 Clarksville Rd, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550, USA
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