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Fine Arts

Fine Arts are an integral piece of Upper School curriculum. All students participate in a well-rounded education, including both the visual and performing arts in studio art, choral music, art history, and theatre.

private high school

Studio Art focuses on increasing visual literacy, developing a range of technical skills and establishing a solid conceptual foundation. Students focus on two-dimensional art and develop their knowledge of design, planning, and creative thinking. They conclude their study of studio art with the creation of an original art piece, influenced by their favorite artists and genres.

In Choral Studies, students develop a healthy vocal technique, music theory and composition, and participate in ensemble performance. They also study 16th-century counterpoint and composition.

Art History surveys diverse forms of art, ranging from the prehistoric era to present. Students study various mediums including sculpture, architecture, and painting in order to recognize and describe timeless works of beauty.

private high school

In Theater, students study acting, stage presence, technique, collaboration, and exploration. Students perform full-length plays from Shakespeare’s corpus, and conclude with modern repertoire and performance.

Grade 9: Studio Art I, Choral Music I
Grade 10: Art History I, Choral Music II
Grade 11: Theater I, Art History II
Grade 12: Theater II, Studio Art II