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Foreign Language

Upper School foreign language studies begin with the classical roots of the English language. Students who have had Latin experience in our Lower and Middle Schools (or in their previous schools) continue on with Advanced Latin in Grade 9; students without this background take a freshman course introducing students to the basic vocabulary and grammatical forms of Latin and Greek. Emphasis is given to the classical influence on science, literature, and the arts, while students also strengthen their understandings of Greco and Roman impact.

private high school

Starting in Grade 10, each student chooses a modern foreign language to study: either Mandarin or Spanish. Students begin with a primary focus on foundational grammar and vocabulary to develop spoken proficiency and reading. Levels II and III emphasize complex grammatical and verb formations as well as culture, reading, writing, and oral skills.

Grade 9: Classical Roots of the English Language, Advanced Latin II
Grade 10: Spanish I or Mandarin I
Grade 11: Spanish II or Mandarin II
Grade 12: Spanish III or Mandarin III