Admissions FAQs

Do we have to be Christians to attend Wilberforce?

Our school community is built upon and committed to upholding our Statement of Faith. In the Lower and Middle Schools, we require at least one parent to agree with and sign that Statement of Faith.

What is the birthday cut-off for students?

Our cut-off date is September 1; children entering Explorers 1 should turn 4 years old prior September 1, and so on. Wilberforce is academically rigorous, with each class and subject working at least one year ahead of grade level. We want our students to succeed at Wilberforce -- to flourish, growing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and others.

When and how are admissions decisions made?

For families that apply prior to the January 31 application deadline, admissions decisions are communicated in accordance with our Key Dates schedule. For families applying after that deadline, admissions decisions will be made and communicated on a rolling basis, generally within two weeks of the parent interview.

How do we apply for financial aid?

Please click here for a complete list of steps for applying for financial aid. Be sure to fill out the FACTS application and provide all supporting documentation in a timely fashion. Please contact the Business Office with any additional questions.

Do you accept international students?

Wilberforce accepts international students from Class 7 through Grade 12. Students must demonstrate a comfort in an English-speaking classroom; families are encouraged to immerse their children in the English language prior to enrollment. Each student applicant will be evaluated on an individual basis to ensure a successful fit. Learn More

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