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The Wilberforce Middle School curriculum
is carefully constructed as an integrated and coherent whole. Each element is purposefully related both to the learning environment and to the rest of the curriculum. Our Middle School builds on the grammar years with a challenging curriculum filled with mathematics, science, fine arts, humanities, and Scripture.

The Wilberforce School stratifies the curriculum according to the categories of grammar, logic, and rhetoric, based on the classical notion of a liberal education. Lower School Classes (grades 1-5) are considered grammar courses; they communicate the basic elements of the subjects. Middle School Classes (grades 6-8) are logic level, and begin to articulate the implications and relationships that exist among the ideas already learned. Upper School Classes (grades 9-12) take rhetoric courses, where students work to synthesize and interrelate ideas and concepts that they have already learned.

Christian Middle School
Christian Middle School | The Wilberforce School
Christian Middle School | The Wilberforce School