christian middle school

Class 6


Students take one of two levels of Pr-Algebra, focusing initially on numbers and their properties, especially integers, decimals, fractions, and percentages. Students are then introduced to elementary set theory and move on to geometric figures and their properties. Finally, they study linear equations.

Class 7

Algebra I

Algebra 1 students progress in developing skills for solving equations with one or two variables. Quadratic, as well as linear, equations are solved. Students are also introduced to functions and their graphic representations, and each student competes in the Math Olympiad.

Class 8

Algebra II

Algebra II unites topics from both geometry (lines, triangles, circles, proofs) and PreCalculus (polynomial, rational, root, logarithmic, logistic and exponential functions). Concepts are represented graphically, Art and Music Latin Logic Technology Physical Education Study Skills symbolically, and numerically. At Wilberforce, Algebra concepts and skills are the foundation for all future mathematics.