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Middle School Overview

At Wilberforce, we believe the middle school years are more than a transition into the upper school.

During these distinct and formative years, students are challenged both academically, and in their character development. Middle school classes are conducted at an honors level. We value face-to-face interactions and community learning. This is practiced through our no-cell-phone policy and using technology only in ways that are proven to enhance learning. In today's technology saturated environment, this practice sets our school apart.

We believe that middle school is a natural time for students take on a greater responsibility to serve in the community. Students are given the charge to initiate and lead service projects, both in class and outside of school.

Teachers in the middle school are gifted educators who understand this age group well, foster a community of learning, and mentor student by developing thoughtful relationships during this distinct time of their lives.

- Leo Yoon
Head of Middle School

There is a strong passion for learning that develops in all the students here. All students, no matter what their or strongest or weakest subject is, can excel. - Middle & Upper School Parent

Private middle schoolThe Wilberforce School cultivates whole persons: intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. Learning in community, whether around the seminar table or in the laboratory, is a hallmark of our classes. In every class at Wilberforce, students apply habits of responsible stewardship, gentle justice, and self-discipline in their scholarship, their sports, and their service.