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At Wilberforce we are deliberate about equipping students in heart and mind so that they can contribute as servant leaders to God's kingdom. We work towards this goal in a variety of explicit and implicit ways.

Morning Prayer:
Each day starts with a brief gathering of worship as an intentional way to start the day. A faculty member will lead in corporate reading of scripture, call and response singing, and prayer.

Each Tuesday from 8:10-8:40am students and faculty come together to worship and learn more about God and His Word. Each year MS/US chapel addresses a different theme. Chapel speakers are special speakers as well as faculty, parents, and local pastors. Parents are always invited to join chapel. To find out who the week's speaker is email Danielle Sallade, theology department chair.
2022-2023 Chapel Theme is the story of redemption; the story of God's work in the world from creation.

Bible/Theology Class:
We value having biblically literate students who are able to defend and articulate their faith with clarity, creativity and conviction. Each year students participate in a Bible class which teaches church history, an Old and New Testament overview, and culminates with an Apologetics course designed to help students learn to respectfully interact with perspectives different from their own as they discover the validity and credibility of the Christian faith, while simultaneously cultivating wisdom and humility in their interactions with others.

Intentional Faculty Led Culture:
All faculty are deeply committed Christians. Faculty create a genuine and richly Christian learning environment. Our faculty model for students how to live, think, and relate to others as mature Christians, and they invite students to join them.

Mentor Groups:
Students meet monthly with faculty mentors to discuss chapel messages, current concerns, and relevant issues. Groups are formed by grade and gender.