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A Typical Explorers Day

private preschool private preschool

"A Rhythmic Progression of Short Lessons"


Days are filled with activities, starting with assembly. Students experience recitation, penmanship, mathematics, and phonemic awareness, and discover through nature study, composer study, picture study, and living books study.

A typical day includes a rhythmic progression of short lessons. Whether working on a puzzle, imitating with egg-tempura, the work of the artist Giotto, singing the hymn of the month, collecting specimens as part of a nature walk, or sharing a favorite instrument for show and tell, Explorers have many opportunities to express themselves, practice their diction and enunciation, and revel in the joy of discovery.

Short Days
Since little ones need ample time for play and creativity, we offer short days with limited hours. Explorers One (pre-school) students meet on Monday through Thursday mornings; Explorers Two (kindergarten) students meet five mornings a week.

Our school has found that Explorers more than cover their rigorous lessons, with plenty of opportunity to play, dream, and enjoy extended time with family. This balance of rigorous learning with renewal and refreshment is a hallmark of the unique Explorers education at Wilberforce. In addition, Fridays are an optional review day; some parents choose to keep their child home to allow for more unstructured play time during these younger years.

Explorers Bridge
Bridge for Explorers students is offered Monday through Friday, 12:30pm-3pm. At 12:30pm, students eat lunch together. Later, students enjoy play and enrichment activities, such as nature walks, reading, music, handwork and dramatic arts. Students also devote a part of each afternoon to homework activities.

Bridge gives time for students to enjoy some of their favorite scholastic activities in a more informal setting. Students also appreciate having more time to spend in play and in exploration with their classmates.