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US Boys Soccer

All Upper School boys may participate US Boys Soccer. Teams compete against area schools. The goal of the program is to develop skills for players of all levels. Beginners are needed and are encouraged to play.

Pre-Season: August 22-September 2 (Monday-Friday 8:00-9:30am)
Season: September 6-October 27
Practice: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 3:15 - 4:45pm

Coach Eddie Tam

Eddie's soccer journey began in his hometown of Hong Kong during his elementary school years. Throughout middle and high school, he served as the team captain and led his school to victory in numerous interscholastic championships. Eddie's dedication was further recognized when he was chosen to represent the Hong Kong National Youth Team during his sophomore year of high school.

Upon arriving in the United States for college, Eddie continued to pursue his passion for soccer by joining the NYU varsity team, where he competed in the NCAA UAA conference. Today, he remains an active player in soccer, competing in a local amateur league in West Windsor.

Eddie wants to share with the team that God has given us the blessings to be able to play the beautiful game of soccer. He believes that through these blessings, they are not only able to play but to learn, grow, and cherish the experience of being a team united by the joy of soccer.

Coach Eddie Tam

Calendar: US Boys Soccer

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Mon, Nov 27
Tue, Nov 28
Wed, Nov 29
Thu, Nov 30
Fri, Dec 1
Sat, Dec 2
Sun, Dec 3
Mon, Dec 4
Tue, Dec 5
Wed, Dec 6
Thu, Dec 7
Fri, Dec 8
Sat, Dec 9
Sun, Dec 10
Mon, Dec 11
Tue, Dec 12
Wed, Dec 13
Thu, Dec 14
Fri, Dec 15
Sat, Dec 16
Sun, Dec 17
Mon, Dec 18
Tue, Dec 19
Wed, Dec 20
Thu, Dec 21
Fri, Dec 22
Sat, Dec 23
Sun, Dec 24
Mon, Dec 25
Tue, Dec 26
Wed, Dec 27
Thu, Dec 28
Fri, Dec 29
Sat, Dec 30
Sun, Dec 31