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US Girls Basketball

2021-2022 US Girls Basketball Team

Coach Meghan Wilson

Coach Meghan Wilson has grown up playing sports her whole life. In high school, she was a three- sport athlete, competing at the varsity level in field hockey, soccer, and basketball. She earned athletic honors in all three sports, but especially excelled in soccer, earning PA All-Region and PA All-State honors. Coach Wilson continued her soccer career at a Division 1 program at Mount St. Mary's and finished up at Cairn University, where she received CSAC All Conference Honors. Since graduating from Cairn University, she has coached numerous sports at New Hope-Solebury High School, including field hockey, soccer, and softball.

Coach Wilson is very passionate about sports. She loves investing her time and energy into young athletes to help them reach their full potential, not only as athletes, but as people. She believes coaching at The Wilberforce School will be a unique opportunity for her to grow as a coach, but will also allow her to help the girls grow in this sport as well as in their walk with God.

Coach Meghan Wilson

Calendar - US Girls Basketball

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